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JENNIFER L. GLOCK, M.A.   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Sessions are approximately 45-55 minutes long.
  • The frequency of appointments to best meet your therapeutic needs will be discussed after the initial session.    
  • Jennifer will be open to discuss your goals, the techniques considered or used to achieve these goals, and the degree of progress towards goals.
  • She may ask you to do “homework” in terms of reading, activities, and/or attempted changes in behavior or thinking. Since psychotherapy is an inexact science, she cannot guarantee actual outcomes, but guarantees her best efforts to facilitate the process of your achieving your goals.
  • ​A copy of the office policies and procedures regarding privacy of private medical information (HIPAA) is available for review upon your request in the office. 

Paperwork for New Patients:

Please print and complete the paperwork before your initial visit. Please bring your completed paperwork and your photo ID along to your appointment. 

Please note, Jennifer accepts cash and check only, no credit or debit cards.